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The Next Superpower’s Power

At the present time, power struggle between the countries continues in full swing. Many countries are in the fight to take place at the top. Well, who is the most powerful nation or who is the most effective on the world? To answer these questions, a few criteria is assessed at the same time. Especially, a strong economy and military power are two important criteria. As well as these, a country’s population and technologic development are other criteria to evaluate a country as powerful. When all circumstances are examined, people will accept that in today’s world, United States is moving to ahead in this race. Very well, when we think of this excluding United States, who is the most powerful countries? Not considering United States, China is the most powerful nation on the planet with its strong features.

Being economically robust and the number of people in the country are the most prominent criteria to be supremacy. China’s economic and demographic superiorities increase its efficiency on the world. To begin with, China’s economy spearheads in the fastest developing countries. World’s rapidly changing economy is influencing many people’s lives. Outward-inward investments in China and its financial achievement and moves supply this influence. China is the most requested country on the world in terms of financial investments. Fishman (2005) points out that in the past, the United States used to captivate the most foreign money, but in 2003, China took a strong lead (p.15). Furthermore, Fishman continues his explanations that “China is the world’s workshop, because it sits in a relatively stable part of the globe and offers the world’s manufacturers a reliable, decibel, an capable industrial workforce, groomed by government-enforced discipline” (p.7). Also, success in commercial is other advance of China. The words “Made in China1 are known is money by many people. There are advanced import-export relations of China, so China has indisputable commercial success. In addition to economy, population of China gives advantages to put it forward. Most people know there are more than 1 billion Chinese people around the world. China’s this feature provides contribution to gain military power. It has a significant number of soldiers. As well as military power, population ensures limitless talented people. China can find enough people to meet its every human need. Therefore, China’s economic and demographic properties emphasize its mightiness.

Technological development and own resources of countries create basis progress in all fields. Recently, China becomes forefront due to its technology and own resources. Firstly, China shows its ability in the technology. Having space technology is many countries dreams, but very few countries managed this purpose. China is the third nation which has space technology and has the right to speak on this issue. China is successful not only in space technology but also in other fields of technology. Chinese scientists have accomplished researches on the areas such as nanotech, genetic and energy. Besides technology, China’s own important resources are influential on its powerfulness. It is richer than many countries in terms of rich mineral reserves, energy and water resources. For example, China is leader on account of reserves of coal and nonferrous metals. In addition, changing balance of the world have made mandatory to have nuclear power. China is a dominant country about nuclear power. CRI (2011) supports that electric power plants have 10 million 800 thousands kilowatts and power plants under construction in China will have 30 million kilowatts. 40 percent of power plants under construction are in China (para.3). As a result, all China’s resources and technologic abilities make it more active on the planet.

Proponents of the idea that China is not the most powerful nation state that there is a repressive management against Chinese people. Opponents emphasize China has controlled broadcasting and publication, so some people have been experienced about intellectual freedom from time to time. To illustrate, in the article “10 years prison in China for comment on democracy” (2011), it is claimed that Liu Xinabin was sentenced to 10 years, because of his articles (para.10). In addition to this, China implements internet censorship on the country. It closed down a lot of websites and blogs. Most people accept that proponents of the idea are right, but there is no connection between being superiority and repressive management. A nation must be stable in terms of economic, public, technologic and military to become powerful. For this reason, repressive management does not have connection with being powerful. Furthermore, China actually control and censors, because it values its national values. Historical, religious and family values are just some of these values. Secondly, governments of China manage the country unsuccessfully in regards to internal and external politics. In China, there is there is a lack of democracy due to rigid rules and management style. Also, opponents state that China has disagreement with other countries. However, in this attitude, they have unfair and wrong judgments, because China makes reforms in the managements permanently and it is known that China has not been affected by latest rebellions which are about democracy in countries with dictatorial management like Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Besides, China has solved border and citizenship problems. Now, China has good international relations with other countries.

All in all, China is the next superpower after US thanks to its qualifications. It can not be denied China is everywhere these days. No country plays the world economic and competition game better than China. In both technology, and use and improvement of resource no country could not show development more than Chin. Consequently, no country has ever before made a better run at climbing every step of being superiority, so it is estimated situation climbing of China will continue after the current time. Once and for all, most people will accept China will replace America within a few years and it will be new king of the kingdom of the world.

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