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It is a well known fact that humanity consists of a combination of different generations. Everyone knows that some generations are more foreground in a certain time. In today’s world, generation in the foreground is Generation Yers. Well, Who is Generation Y? or What can we say about Generation Y? Actually, there is no consensus over the exact birth dates of Generation Y. The broadest definition is that Generation Y was born from 1977 to 2002. Also, narrower definition is that they were born from 1978 to 1989, that is those ages are 21 to 32. These different views are based on the pace of change in society. According to many researchers, this generation is different form older generations. This situation can be analyzed by looking at the nearest generation- Generation X was born from 1965 to 1977. There are two major differences between Generation X and Generation Y.

To begin with, their working life is different. In today’s world, there are millions of people who are Generation Yers in the workplaces. While older generation is underestimating of young workers, older people work beside them and freshly-minted graduates give directions to employees old enough to be their parents, because Generation Yers have financial smarts and management abilities. These people are savvy about money and they make their retirement plans before starting the work life. Moreover, Generation Y is ready and not fear to change careers and challenge status quo. Generation Yers believe own value and they are not embarrassed about trying to change their jobs they work about. Because of these, most of time, Generation Y’s employers struggle to retain and recruit these workers. Generation Y has also more flexible working life conditions than Generation X. In working life, Generation Y is comfortable in terms of work schedules. If they want, they can go part time and leave the work force temporarily. Furthermore, Generation Y has different conditions in terms of dress, perks and company benefits than Generation X. Unlike Generation X, Generation Y prefers casual clothes such as flip flops and capri pants and company benefits such as full tuition reimbursement and online mentoring tool are other advantages of Generation Y. Therefore, there is distinct situation between Generation ‘s and Generation X’s working lives.

In addition to working life, their life styles are different. No one can deny that generations have various opportunities thanks to technology. According to birth years, Generation Y has a more developed technology, but X has less developed technology. In modern world, virtual world is foreground factor in society. Especially Generation Y prefers virtual opportunities unlike the Generation X. For example, Generation X chooses a phone call or in-person meeting on important topics, but Generation Y chooses online commuting or telecommuting. Furthermore, Generation Y is a technical generation of multitaskers and has a technological management style. These people can send e-mail while talking on cell phones while trolling online. While preview generation makes annual reviews, Generation Yers prefer constant and regular feedback thanks to technological opportunities. Socializing is one of the most important factors of human life. According to this situation, Generation X and Generation Y are not the same with respect to their social life and skills. While Generation X uses traditional ways, Generation Y uses online communication to socialize with others. For example, creating online identities to chat with others is ideal way for Generation Y, but Generation X prefers face to face communication or pen friend to share their feelings and find intimate relationships. As a result, there is no relation between Generation X and Generation Y’s social life styles.

All in all, there are two main differences which result from distinction between Generation X and Generation Y such as work life and social life. Generation Yers use different ways special techniques in daily life. They are young, clever and enterprising. Also, work life is important but not center of their lives. In addition to this, Generation Y takes their places in an increasingly multigeneral workplace and social places. Actually, no one can deny that Generation Y is different from not only Generation X but only others which have come before. Many people think that Generation Y’s effect on human life will continue in next years. Because of this, other people should accustom to this situation.

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